Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Data Recovery Training & Preparation: An Ounce of Preparation

I stumbled upon a website dedicated to training data recovery technicians and computer repair specialists called “ReclaiMe Data Recovery Training.” The best part is the training is not only very comprehensive, but totally free.

Companies who offer data recovery services would benefit from this free training by learning the latest techniques, tools and tips available. Even for beginners, the content is easy to follow, with short and digestible lessons containing videos and other materials to follow along with. I contend that all businesses with an IT department would benefit from educating their staff in the procedures and challenges covered in ReclaiMe’s training courses. Use it as a way to get your IT department engaged and prepared, as your own reference, or as a refresher course if you’ve ever endured the hassle of having to recover data from a hard drive before.

Understanding Data Recovery Will Save Your Company Money

It will inevitably happen. Your hard drives will fail and you will not be able to access your data, so if you own your own business with multiple computers, you would also benefit from the information you could learn from these free training guides if for no other reason than to avoid being swindled by some unscrupulous IT company that may try to take advantage of your naiveté and over charge you.
After all, sending out your hard drives with your sensitive company data comes with its own risks, but a data recovery company who is aware that you are more technically astute will be less likely to try to pull the wool over your eyes and charge you unfairly. Think of it as free insurance for your company data systems.

ReclaiMe Free Data Recovery Training Courses

As mentioned, besides companies that actually provide data recovery services, any business with a respectable IT department should require at least one person to “train up” with these materials. There are multiple training courses that ReclaiMe offers for free: “NAS – Network Attached Storage”, “RAID Recovery”, and “Partition Recovery”.

Each course provides data recovery videos in an informal training whiteboard/instructor setting, PDF summaries, tips provided by experts, practice exercises to reinforce the material, and even online tests with immediate results. The videos don’t waste anytime getting into the subject matter and are designed and presented as a pyramid of information where they first lay the basic foundation broadly then build upwards with more specific procedures and insights.

The experts at ReclaiMe obviously have a lot of experience and knowledge in data recovery and they present the information in the videos so it’s all easy to follow, akin to an informal TED talk.


Though the ReclaiMe training courses are designed primarily for data recovery technicians and computer repair specialists, many companies that rely on their internal IT departments to set up and take care of their own hardware needs would benefit from this free training. ReclaiMe’s Data Recovery Training website is an extensive and free resource for all types of different hard drive storage setups that provide valuable information and insights about how to restore vital data from failed hard drives.

Many companies never think about this until it happens then data recovery is all they think about until they recover their lost data, projects, and creative masterpieces locked mysteriously inside the corrupt hard drives. Understanding data recovery processes and techniques while picking up useful tips could save your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue or worst, in lost future business. No customer wants to hear that you lost their project and the work they paid for or you missed a critical deadline they were relying on you for because your hard drives crashed at the 11th hour.
Protecting your business and customers means you need to be prepared and be informed. For a free resource, ReclaiMe is providing a lot of information and training basically as a public service.
They obviously are in the business to sell their data recovery software, but they deserve praise for providing such comprehensive training for free. So many companies would really benefit investing some time in studying these materials and staying prepared in case of a data system failure.
It’s good business because protecting your data and understanding how to get it back in case of system failure is itself an insurance policy against potential business interruptions in the future. The only investment required is the time you need to take the courses. An ounce of prevention now could save your company thousands later.

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